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Getting Started

Dancers older than Preschool are grouped according to age, ability, attendance, and attitude. Dancer placement is at the sole discretion of the instructors. The Preschool class consists of dancers aged 3-4.

Instructors will place dancers according to their age with consideration given to any prior dance experience. Completing the registration form will help our instructors determine which class will be the best fit for your child; class placements are determined in early summer, following which an email will be sent to you with registration details including class day and time and how to submit payment.

Instructors will evaluate placement in the first few weeks of class to ensure the best fit for each dancer’s success. Placement may be subject to change until choreography starts in October.

September to early May, with the Year-End concert typically marking the end of the season.

Boyan does not require masking in accordance with current Provincial guidelines, but anyone who wishes to wear a mask is invited to do so. We encourage all members to follow all Public Health recommendations. The studio is sanitized regularly and hand sanitizer is available at multiple points in the studio spaces and common areas for everyone to use.

Registration for the 2023/2024 season closed September 15, 2023.

Class Information

Class size will vary but can include up to 30 dancers.

Preschool classes are 30 minutes and all other groups are 1 hour to 1.75 hours long. Classes run once per week, typically between Tuesday – Thursday. Monday or Friday evening classes may be added if needed to accommodate the number of dancers.

Parents are invited to wait in the common area during class. There will be an opportunity for parents to watch the last 1o minutes of each class most months.

All dancers are requested to wear all black clothing. Hair is to be pulled back and off the face.

Specific clothing and shoe requirements for each class are outlined in the Dancer Handbook.

Fees and Payment

Payment can be made in either one lump sum payment or two equal installments dated September 1 and January 1. If two payments are made, both cheques must accompany your registration form. E-transfer is another payment option.

Preschool 1 – $275
Preschool 2 – $275
Beginner 1 – $425
Beginner 2 – $425

Novice – $475
Junior – $575
Intermediate – $625
Senior – $650
Adult – $425

There is also a $5.00 family membership fee for all dancers. Other costs may include costume rentals and competition fees (as applicable, depending on which class you are in).

Class start to Oct 1 – full Refund
Oct 2-Nov 1 – 75% refund
Nov 2 -Dec 1 – 50% refund
Dec 2 – Jan 1 – 25% refund
Jan 2 – onward – 0 Refund

All cases will be evaluated on an individual basis to accommodate extenuating circumstances. If for any reason we are required to suspend our in-person classes, weekly classes will continue via an online learning platform. No registration refunds will be given for studio closure or missed classes due to COVID-19.

Performances and Costumes

All groups from Preschool – Senior typically perform at Malanka in January, as well as at the Year-End concert in May. Groups Beginner – Senior perform at Competitions (see below). Novice – Senior level Boyan dancers may also be asked to perform for community events (ie. Folkfest or Vesna) by invitation.

Younger groups: Dancers are required to purchase their own embroidered Poltava blouse/shirt (this is part of the costume requirement for the younger groups). Younger boys may be required to purchase their Poltava pants and Poyas (belt).

Older Groups: Group costumes are rented from Boyan for a fee.

Purchase of shoes is each dancer’s responsibility.

Novice, Junior, Intermediate and Senior groups compete at 2-3 competitions each season. Beginner groups compete at local (Saskatoon) competition only. Competitions season runs between March-May. Dancers also have the option to perform “Extra Dances” (ie. solos, duets, etc) at competitions.


The dancer’s handbook is available for download and includes additional information:

  • dress code
  • class breaks
  • attendance
  • dance levels
  • studio access
  • drop-off and pick-up/parking
  • competitions and performances
  • fundraising


Boyan holds a couple of bottle drives/bottle drops in addition to a few additional fundraisers during the season (ie. perogy sales, etc). We have a couple of minimum participation fundraisers during the year, and also encourage members to participate in each of the other fundraising initiatives to the best of their ability as fundraising helps to keep our registration costs reasonable and support studio expenses.

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