In 1967, Rosalie and Joseph Kitz decided they would take over the operations of the St. Peter and Pauls Ukrainian Dancers. Their children were dancing with the group, and this would allow them the opportunity to become more involved with the group and their children. The club was operating out of the basement of the church and was doing well, but Joseph learned that grant money was available from the city for cultural groups such as theirs. To become eligible for these grants, the club would have to become a separate entitiy from the church. So under the supervision of lawyers and MLA’s, Mr. Kitz and Father Bzdel, the minister in the church at that time, applied for Non-Profit status of the club. Father Bzdel decided that they would name the group the Boyan and Bandura Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. And with that, the Boyan Ukrainian Dance Association was started. Over the years to come, failure to find instruction in the Bandura led to that portion of the name and club to be dropped, but the dance continues to live strong!


Boyan 2017-2018 Executive

President: Sherry Rawlyk
Vice-President/Facilities: Roxane Melnyk
Treasurer: Blaire Prima
Secretary/Registrar: Donna Zaleschuk
Communications: Holly Donahue
Costumes: Bilinda Hilkewich
Member at Large: Christine Hanson
Member at Large: Dale Deptuck


Boyan 2017-2018 Instructors

Shaunda Arsenie

Paul Kodak

Heidi Armstrong

Erin Baschuk

Nick Rawlyk