Costa Rica Tour 2015

833px-Flag_of_Costa_Rica_(state).svgIn August 2015, with the help of Cobblestone Freeway Tours, we embarked on a trip to Costa Rica! We travelled to three areas of Costa Rica, all of which featured very different climates, breathtaking scenery and adventures. In Santa Ana, we performed at the amusement park, Parque Diversiones, alongside the resident dancers and enjoyed a coffee tour of Café Britt. We travelled north through the cloud forests to La Fortuna, a town at the base of Arenal Volcano. Here we performed with the locals on an outdoor stage in the town square.  It was amazing to watch the community gather to enjoy our cross-cultural exchange.  We were well received by the locals and spoiled by their hospitality and genuine kindness.  Our last performance occurred in the area of Manuel Antonio national park on the Pacific coast. Despite the pouring rain, the community theatre was filled with an enthusiastic audience. In all three venues, BOT was fortunate enough to take part in a workshop led by the local dance group and had the opportunity to teach some Ukrainian dance. In addition to our performances and workshops, we enjoyed some adventurous activities, including zip lining, waterfall rappelling, a catamaran and a cave tour. Although the language barrier was a challenge, we witnessed the bridging of cultures, through the mutual love of dance.  All of our adventures, from those in an urban environment to the rainforest to the Pacific coast were arranged by Larissa Banting of Weddings Costa Rica. Her husband Roberto Levia acted as our tour guide, translator and friend. As always: We danced hard, we played hard, and we reaped the benefits of the opportunity to share the love of our culture far from home.

La Fortuna  Parque DiversionesCarosel               Manuel Antonio